8 Trendy Best Baseball Glove Brands in 2024


Selecting the right baseball glove involves more than just leather and laces. It’s about finding a companion that combines quality craftsmanship, advanced technology, and player-centric design. In this exploration, we examine leading baseball glove brands, analyzing their standout features and innovations. Our goal is to assist you in choosing the perfect glove for your baseball game.

Best Baseball Glove Brand – Rawlings

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The Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.75 inch Pro I Web baseball glove is designed for infield players, allowing you to catch grounders and quickly transfer the ball to your throwing hand. Crafted with full-grain kip leather, this glove looks and feels like the gloves used by avid players from high school to the pros. The glove’s wool padding helps with pocket formation and to retain its shape, and its Pittards sheepskin palm lining adds comfort and keeps your hand dry. Additionally, the glove comes with pro-grade leather laces for added durability and strength, and padded thumb sleeve for extra comfort. With 30% factory and 70% player break-in, the fit of this glove is exactly to your needs. This glove is available in left or right-hand throw orientation, depending on your preference. All in all, the Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.75 inch Pro I Web baseball glove is the perfect glove for avid infielders.

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  • Pro-grade leather
  • High-quality full-grain kip leather
  • Available in left or right-hand
  • Pittards sheepskin palm lining


  • Higher price

Best Baseball Glove Brand – Franklin

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Franklin‘s baseball glove is designed with players of all ages and skill levels in mind. Not only is this glove ready to go right out of the box, but its hybrid shell construction is made with a combination of premium cowhide palm and PVC to ensure it lasts season after season. The adjustable strap allows for an adjustable and comfortable fit that works for both adults and kids while the right hand throw design makes this the perfect glove for right-handed players. Whether you’re a serious ballplayer or just someone looking to have a little fun, this glove is the perfect choice.


  • Ready to use immediately
  • Hybrid shell construction using premium cowhide palm
  • Customizable and comfortable fit for all ages
  • Versatile for various skill levels and ages


  • Specifically designed for right-handed players.

Best Baseball Glove Brand – Wilson

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The Wilson A2000 SC1787 11.75″ Infield Baseball Glove is the perfect glove for any infielder. Made with Pro Stock Leather, which is designed for its durability and unmatched feel, you can rest assured knowing this glove will last you through the toughest games. The Comfort Pro Fit features ProLux Leather that has a softer feel for maximum comfort, while the Comfort Sleeve conceals the binding in the wrist for extra softness. The Spin Control Technology does exactly what its name implies, with a dimpled pattern in the Pro Stock Leather for reducing the spin rate of the ball when making contact. The Rolled Dual Welting adds to the shape of the glove and offers better support and the Flat Finger Binding provides greater control and comfort in the field for players who prefer to play with a finger outside the glove. Get top-notch performance in the field with the Wilson 2022 A2000 SC1787 11.75″ Infield Baseball Glove.


  • Spin Control Technology reduces ball spin upon contact.
  • Flat Finger Binding provides control and comfort
  • Tailored for infielders, offering top-notch performance.


  • Potentially higher cost compared to entry-level gloves.

Best Baseball Glove Brand – Mizuno

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The Mizuno Prospect GXC105 is an excellent catcher’s mitt for younger players. With its 32.50″ Transitional size, it fits the smaller hand of most youth players. This catcher’s mitt features Mizuno’s innovative Power Close technology, making it easier for young players to close the mitt and make the plays. The patented Para Shock palm provides added protection against lumbar shock and rebound, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit no matter how much use the mitt gets. On top of that, it also features Japanese-Tanned USA Steer Hide Leather for game-ready performance and unparalleled durability. All of these features combine to make this one of the highest-quality catcher’s mitts on the market today. Whether it’s for little league or the big leagues, the Mizuno Prospect GXC105 is the perfect choice for any young player in need of a reliable glove.


  • Power Close technology aids closure for easier plays.
  • Para Shock palm offers protection against shock and rebound.
  • High-quality materials
  • Suitable for various levels


  • Require some break-in time for optimal performance

Best Baseball Glove Brand – Easton

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If you’re an elite infielder looking for a glove that offers superior performance, then look no further than Easton‘s Braided Single Post Web glove. This glove is handcrafted with the finest Japanese Reserve Kip leather, providing players with a supple feel and custom form with each use. The KIP binding and rolled welting allow for the pocket to form quickly and easily to an impeccable fit, while the Loopless thumb channel allows for a secure fit. The laceless palm lining and re-positioned pinkie stalls provide a smooth feel that allows for two fingers comfortably. Plus, this glove is specifically designed for an elite infielder, with an 11.75″ size specifically for right hand throwers. With Easton’s Braided Single Post Web glove, you’ll be able to command the field like a true pro.


  • Handcrafted with Japanese Reserve
  • Laceless palm lining and re-positioned pinkie stalls offer comfort.


  • 11.75″ size tailored for right-hand throwers.

Best Baseball Glove Brand – Marucci 

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The Marucci baseball glove is designed with performance and comfort in mind. It features the highest-grade sheepskin finger lining with padding-wrapped thumb and loops and a professional-grade USA rawhide laces from the Tennessee Tanning Co. The Japanese Kip leather palm lining reinforces structure with a velvety smooth touch and the moisture-wicking mesh wrist lining with added memory foam padding provide long-lasting comfort. The premium Japanese-tanned USA Kip leather combines ideal stiffness with a lightweight feel. An important note to consider when choosing a glove is that a right-handed person should wear a left-handed glove. This sporty glove from Marucci is an ideal choice for any baseball fan. It’s designed with built-in features that combine to create an optimal glove for every game.


  • High-grade sheepskin finger lining
  • Professional-grade USA rawhide laces
  • Moisture-wicking mesh wrist lining


  • Higher price

Best Baseball Glove Brand – Louisville Slugger

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Fit your hand in a glove crafted for the player who wants a glove that will last. The Louisville Slugger Evolution series is crafted from top grade American steerhide so that it can maintain its shape and durability. To add to its robust construction, the Evolution series features thick steerhide lacing for added assurance that your glove will hold up through a long season. The 11.75″ H-web infield pattern is perfect for infielders who need a glove that can keep up with their defensive abilities. This glove is handcrafted in America with a two tone steerhide, which gives it a rich look while it is out on the field. Look great and play great with the Louisville Slugger Evolution series glove.


  • Crafted from top-grade American steerhide
  • Thick steerhide lacing
  • Handcrafted in America with a rich two-tone steerhide
  • Designed to maintain shape and endure a long season of play.


  • Higher price


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Miken’s 13″ Pro H-Web Left Hand Throw glove is the fantastic choice for players who value quality and comfort on the field. Made with full grain leather, this glove offers an easy break-in process and improved shape retention. Additionally, Miken has outfitted this glove with Poron XRD palm and index finger pads to significantly reduce ball impact, making it ideal for experienced players who need to reduce fatigue. It features an adjustable non slip pull strap back which allows for a custom fit and is already 70% broken in when it arrives at your door. With style and functionality in mind, Miken’s 13″ Pro H-Web Left Hand Throw glove is the perfect choice for any discerning player.


  • Full-grain leather for easy break-in and shape retention.
  • Poron XRD palm and index finger pads reduce ball impact and fatigue.
  • Adjustable non-slip pull strap back for a custom fit.


  • Potential variation in individual preferences despite the 70% break-in.

The main types of baseball gloves

Baseball gloves come in various types, each designed for specific positions and player preferences:

  1. Catcher’s Mitt:These mitts are designed for catchers, with added padding to handle high-velocity pitches and a deep pocket for improved catching control.
  2. First Baseman’s Glove: The gloves have a distinctive design, longer and wider, to facilitate scooping throws from infielders. They also provide additional padding for added comfort.
  3. Infielder’s Glove: Infielder gloves are smaller and more versatile, allowing for quick ball transfer and easy maneuverability. They feature shallower pockets and are generally lighter in weight.
  4. Outfielder’s Glove: Outfielder gloves have larger and deeper pockets, aiding in covering more ground and facilitating easier catch of fly balls.
  5. Pitcher’s Glove: Pitchers typically favor a closed pocket to hide their ball grip, opting for a smaller glove to enhance control and facilitate quicker release.
  6. Utility/All-Purpose Glove: These gloves are versatile and suitable for multiple positions. They typically combine the features of infielder and outfielder gloves.

The design variations in baseball cater to players’ diverse needs and roles on the field.

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