Outfield Arm Strength: What Is Good Velo At Every Level?

Arm strength is a vital component of any successful outfielder’s game, and it can mean the difference between making the team or not. Here at united states of baseball, we know how important developing that strong throwing arm is for outfielders, from high school all the way up to professional baseball. That’s why in this blog post we will break down what different levels of effectively throwing from each position looks like from 85mph for good high school players and going all the way up to 100 mph+ for elite pros and compare them with other infield throws for every level. We look forward to being part of your journey towards achieving peak performance as an outstanding fielder!


Arm Strength by Position and Level

Left Field

  • Professional: 90 mph +
  • Collegiate: 85 mph +
  • High School: 83 mph +

Left field! It’s usually all about the hits, hits, hits! The power and hitting skills totally rule for left-fielders, even though defense is still super important. You’ve gotta step it up defensively to keep climbing up the career ladder. A lot of times, those left fielders were once infielders or versatile players who can handle any outfield spot.

Unlike right field, you don’t need a cannon for an arm ’cause the throw to third isn’t crazy far. But hey, if a left fielder can’t throw out runners, that’s a real defensive bummer!

Center Field

  • Professional: 90 mph +
  • Collegiate: 85 mph +
  • High School: 83 mph +

Center fielders are always the dudes who can go get it. They’re usually fast, athletic, and have a killer throwing arm! The center fielder is one of the most important players on defense because they cover so much ground in the outfield.

In high school and college, you’ll see plenty of former shortstops playing there too since those guys can run ‘n gun with the best of them.

Right Field

  • Professional: 92 mph +
  • Collegiate: 88 mph +
  • High School: 85 mph +

Right fielders are usually the big, strong arms who can gun guys out at home with a crazy throw. Usually, they’re not as fast as center fielders but have a cannon arm and can hit the ball a mile. In high school and college it’s crucial to have an arm in right field that other team respects ’cause they’ll be less likely to take an extra base like first to third.

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A strong arm encompasses more than just velocity.

It’s important to also have accuracy, quick release, and good footwork to efficiently throw out runners. Outfielders should work on developing their arm strength through various drills and exercises, such as long toss and strengthening exercises for the shoulders and rotator cuff.

Long Toss

One of the best ways to increase arm strength is through long toss. This involves throwing the ball as far as possible with proper throwing mechanics. As you progress, try to increase the distance of your long toss, and remember to always warm up and stretch before attempting.

Strengthening Exercises

There are also specific exercises that can help strengthen your arm for throwing. These include shoulder external rotations, reverse flies, and scapular wall slides. It’s important to consult a trainer or coach before attempting these exercises to ensure proper form and prevent injury.

Proper Throwing Mechanics

In addition to strength, having proper throwing mechanics is crucial for maximizing arm strength. This includes using your legs and hips, keeping your elbow at shoulder level, and following through with your throw. Make sure to practice good mechanics consistently in order to develop muscle memory.

Frequent mistakes to avoid

  • Using only arm strength: Remember to use your whole body when throwing, not just your arm. This can lead to injury and decreased accuracy.
  • Not warming up or stretching before throwing: Warming up and stretching beforehand will prevent injuries and help you perform at your best.
  • Neglecting to work on footwork: Good footwork is essential for making accurate throws. Incorporate footwork drills into your practice routine.


Outfield arm strength is a crucial component of playing at the highest levels of baseball. As you progress through different levels and positions, make sure to work on developing and maintaining strong throwing abilities. Remember that arm strength is not just about velocity, but also accuracy, quick release, and proper mechanics. With consistent practice and dedication, you can become an outstanding outfielder with a strong arm at every level of the game. Keep striving for greatness on the field! So, keep practicing and pushing yourself to reach your full potential as an outfielder. And always remember, it’s not just about how hard you throw, but also how smart you play. If you have any question, contact us now.

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