When does baseball season start?

Summertime is the perfect time of year for baseball players, with its sunny days and relaxed evenings that are perfect for showing off your skills on the diamond. So if you’re itching to get back out there and play some ball, you are probably asking yourself “When does baseball season start?” While it varies by division and geographic location, there are some general rules about when most teams begin their seasons. In this blog post, we will provide useful tips on how to plan ahead so that you can hit the ground running from day one of practice.


When is MLB Opening Day 2024?

All 30 teams will participate in a customary Opening Day on March 28th, following two games between the Dodgers and Padres in South Korea on March 20th and 21st.

When does baseball season start?

The start of the baseball season depends on the league:

  • Major League Baseball (MLB):The MLB regular season usually commences in late March or early April. Opening Day signifies the start of the regular season, with every team playing their first game on that day. While the exact date may vary from year to year, it generally falls within that timeframe.
  • Minor League Baseball:The commencement of the minor league season generally coincides with the MLB schedule, as games typically commence around the same period as the MLB season, usually in late March or early April.
  • Other Leagues (International, Independent, etc.): Different baseball leagues across the globe adhere to distinct schedules, with season commencements varying based on regional and league regulations.

These dates may be subject to change due to factors such as labor negotiations, scheduling conflicts, or unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the schedule for the current year to obtain the most accurate information.

Note: The MLB 2023 Major League Baseball season commenced on March 28th.

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Key dates for the 2024 MLB season

  • March 20-21: Dodgers vs. Padres exhibition games in Seoul, South Korea
  • March 28: Opening Day for all 30 teams
  • April 15: Jackie Robinson Day celebrated with all teams in action
  • April 27-28: Astros vs. Rockies series in Mexico City
  • June 8-9: Mets vs. Phillies matchup in London
  • June 20: San Francisco Giants vs. Cardinals game at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama
  • July 15: Home Run Derby held at Globe Life Field in Texas
  • July 16: 94th MLB All-Star Game taking place at Globe Life Field in Texas
  • Sept 15: Roberto Clemente Day observed
  • Sept. 29: Final day of the 2024 regular season

2024 MLB Opening Day schedule

  • Brewers at Mets
  • Angels at Orioles
  • Nationals at Reds
  • Blue Jays at Rays
  • Braves at Phillies
  • Pirates at Marlins
  • Cubs at Rangers
  • Twins at Royals
  • Tigers at White Sox
  • Yankees at Astros
  • Rockies at Diamondbacks
  • Guardians at Athletics
  • Red Sox at Mariners
  • Giants at Padres
  • Cardinals at Dodgers

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